Robbie Basho | Land of Our Fathers (rarities 1967-1983)

Robbie Basho | Land of Our Fathers (rarities 1967-1983)


Holographic Ontological Networks
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The first vinyl release by esoteric Swiss tape label Holographic Ontological Networks, we've acquired a batch for our loyal Gnome Life customers... Land of our Fathers is a stunningly beautiful compilation of never-before-released and hard-to-find recordings by America's great guitar mystic Robbie Basho.

Spanning 16 years, this is 42 minutes of essential and extremely rare music from throughout Basho's multifaceted career. Land of our Fathers provides further illumination of Basho's mysterious and incomparably poetic soul. A note about the sound: Some of this truly rare music comes from tapes which have degraded slightly over time, tracks were restored expertly, and the record has a rich and lovely quality, but you will likely notice occasional variations in sound quality.

A1 The Thousand Incarnations Of The Rose
A2 Blues From Lebanon
A3 Death Song
B1 Kateri Takawaitha
B2 The Song Of Leila
B3 Laughing Thunder, Crawling Thunder
B4 Land Of Our Fathers