Stereolab | Dots & Loops

Stereolab | Dots & Loops


Duophonic, Warp Records
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A1. Brakhage

A2. Miss Modular

A3. The Flower Called Nowhere

B1. Diagonals

B2. Prisoner Of Mars

B3. Rainbo Conversation

C1. Refractions In The Plastic Pulse

D1. Parsec

D2. Ticker-Tape Of The Unconscious

D3. Contronatura

E1. Diagonals Bode Drums

E2. Contranatura Pt. 2 Instrumental

E3. Brakhage Instrumental

E4. The Flower Called Nowhere Instrumental

E5. Bonus Beats

F1. Diagonals Instrumental

F2. Contranatura Demo

F3. Allures Demo

F4. Refractions In The Plastic Pulse Demo

F5. I Feel The Air Demo

F6. Off On Demo

F7. Incredible He Woman Demo

F8. Miss Modular Demo

F9. Untitled in Dusseldorf Demo