Ishmael Ensemble | A State Of Flow

Ishmael Ensemble | A State Of Flow


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We're extremely delighted to announce the long awaited repress of our debut album "A State Of Flow" using a revolutionary new green vinyl manufacturing process. Using injection moulding as opposed to traditional pressing techniques results in a 60% reduction in energy consumption, less waste and audio quality as good as standard vinyl – in fact the manufacturers claim that the quality can exceed standard pressing due to the benefits of injection moulding.

Green Vinyl Records are made by a Dutch consortium who have taken an entirely different approach to traditional vinyl manufacture using a patented plastic formulation which is more environmentally friendly, closer to the PET material used for recyclable plastic bottles.

01. The Chapel
02. Full Circle (feat. Holysseus Fly)
03. Siren!
04. Lapwing
05. Yellow House (feat. Yama Warashi)
06. The River (feat Yazz Ahmed)
07. First Light
08. Waterfall (feat. Holysseus Fly)
09. Surge