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On ‘Third’, Jitwam expands upon his beat-making abilities and production, fusing live music with samples and edits while elevating his craft to new heights. He evokes memories of finding peace within the chaos of daily life. As it takes Jitwam “time to sit and reflect,” the album was years in the making, partly inspired by his time in London, but more so by his adventures in New York City. There are also guest features from Melanie Charles and Akhtari.

Like NYC, ‘Third’ skips across genres nimbly with a drunken bravado collecting along the way influences from Latin music, soul, punk, and a lot of disco. It melds all these genres into a singular rich sound showcasing, yet again, how Jitwam has carved out a path unto himself. Across ten tracks, he creates infectious songs which are gratifyingly hard to categorise with a mixture of modulated vocals and traditional instrumentation amalgamated with the headiness of soulful house and jazz.

01. India
02. Confidence 
03. The Get Down
04. Lalala
05. Equanimity (feat. Melanie Charles)
06. Money & Things!!!
07. Brooklyn Ballers
08. Stranger Danger (In The Streets Of Life)
09. Hey Papi
10. Maryjane