Blank Gloss | Melt

Blank Gloss | Melt


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On clear vinyl.

Melt is the debut full-length album by Blank Gloss, the Sacramento duo of Patrick Hills and Morgan Fox. A lush dream of an album, it’s a remarkable index of the gilded eternities that you can magic from a reduced tonal palette: glistening guitars, ruminative piano, warps and weaves of subtle drone and hum.

It’s an album that feels sui generis, somehow, much as it clearly sits within a number of fields – pop ambient, touches of new age and drone music. Some provisional clues, though, for music that echoes Melt’s loveliness: the humble ambience of the artists on Cold Blue Music; the eventless horizon of Bark Psychosis’ Pendulum Man; the emotive pointillism of Labradford; some of the snippets of song that drift through Pieter Nooten and Michael Brook’s Sleeps With The Fishes.

Those Who Plant 5:46
Rags 3:29
Walking Toward The End 5:46
Hollowed Out 4:26
Virga 3:33
Strewn All Over 2:17
Speaking Quietly 5:18
Of A Vessel 4:34
Almost Home 3:16
Stained Glass 3:58