MJ Lenderman | Boat Songs

MJ Lenderman | Boat Songs


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Jake Lenderman lives in Asheville, North Carolina - he plays guitar in the indie band Wednesday and creates his own music as MJ Lenderman and his latest solo release is Boat Songs.

Lenderman describes the album as his most "polished" sound to date, built around songs that "chase fulfilment and happiness" whether that means buying a boat, drinking too much, or watching seeds fall from the bird feeder.

Boat Songs is the followup to Lenderman's 2020 label debut, Ghost of Your Guitar Solo, and subsequent release, Knockin', both of which were critically acclaimed for their off-the-cuff alternative country sound. But with Boat Songs, Lenderman emerges confident as ever, an innovative voice impossible to ignore.

Hangover Game
You Have Bought Yourself A Boat
TLC Cagematch
Under Control
Dan Marino
You Are Every Girl To Me
Tastes Just Like It Costs
Six Flags