The Ballistic Brothers | London Hooligan Soul

The Ballistic Brothers | London Hooligan Soul


Acid Jazz
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By 1995 The Ballistic Brothers already had their hooks into us through the club anthem 'Blacker' and the two 'vs. Eccentric Afros'EPs on Delancy Street. Their debut album London Hooligan Soul was a clarion call to a generation of clubbers, who were excited by the opportunities presented by house music, but also saw the musical continuity encapsulated in the many routes of clubland history.

Made up of Ashley Beedle, David Hill, Rocky and Diesel, four men who themselves have had storied roles in UK club music, The Ballistic Brothers are a unique product of time and place.

It came housed in an evocative sleeve, adorned with a picture of the 1990 Poll Tax riots taken by band member David Hill. Its back cover came with a written manifesto of memories that took in everything from Soul Boy Weekenders, record shops, The Blackpool Mecca, The Jam and the early UK hip hop of The Language Lab, to life both on the dole and under the dreg ends of Tory rule.

Musically the journey within was just as immersive, taking in the jazz-house of 'Come On', early drum and bass stirrings on 'I'll Fly Away', a tribute to the West London reggae shop ‘Peckings', to some of the most blissful Ibiza-style chill-out grooves on 'Uschi's Lament' and 'A Beautiful Space'. And although it is now a cliché to say it, the music has a filmic quality - as the album seems to chart a series of scenarios.

It has been nearly 30 years since the album was first released and, while it has never been reissued on vinyl, it has continued to build up a reputation for its brilliance. To prepare this release, Acid Jazz and the band have gone back to the original master DATs and, in association with Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering, have made new high quality transfers to ensure the finest sound quality possible. The original Blue Source sleeve has been carefully restored by The Unknown.

Portobello Cafe    5:51
Come On    6:03
Soho Cab Ride    5:17
I'll Fly Away    5:24
Jah Jah Call You    5:36
Mark's Lude    0:35
I Don't Know    5:17
Sister Song    6:19
A Beautiful Space    7:08
Steppin' Into Eden    5:30
Peckings    2:56
Uschi's Lament    4:19