Various Artists | Someone Like Me

Various Artists | Someone Like Me


Efficient Space
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Efficient Space continue with their very highly regarded compilations. And this looks like another classic..

A humanity-reminding suite of miracle moments, Someone Like Me unites a geographically unbound cast of real people in pursuit of a meaningful connection. Taping their lived experience in economic studios in quiet English counties, Pacific Northwest woodland retreats and the big city bustle of Sydney and Los Angeles, these kindred spirits rendered sheer beauty in the process. Custom pressed folk songs of love, loss and the lord saviour. 

Illuminating minor works from seasoned players such as former Syndicate Of Sound chart-topper Sharkey and late-era Canned Heat lynchpin James Thornbury, the collection simultaneously honours the fleeting amateurism of hobby musicians. With their one shot at tangible vinyl, freshman Lynne Ann Kingan realised her loose bubblegum rocker on campus time, while U.S. Navy recruit Fred Potts cut his unconditionally serene ballad remotely stationed on a Spanish naval base. Spartan production continues to reign with Jon Betmead’s hair-raising gospel, howling into infinite space, and Goldrust’s stripped back garden hymn.

Throughout the hour-long reflection, faith has an intermittent yet revelatory presence, most overtly with the divine choral soul of Seventh-day Adventist quartet Remnant. More subtly, Gary Ramey and Jim Kennedy both turned to song in their spiritual quests, offering their all to a universal power. An irrefutable compilation cornerstone, the National Office For Black Catholics showcased Charles Murphy’s lionhearted account of the Black experience at a 1971 concert. Five years earlier, high school seniors The Superwomen would use their hauntingly angelic harmonies to address racial inequity with a breathless take on ‘Lowlands’.

Reaching the furthest corners, Someone Like Me secures the inaugural licence of three homespun masterpieces. Discovered by fluke in the digital haystacks of Youtube and Soundcloud, Jim Huxley’s bedroom pop earworm melds peacefully into Charlie Webster’s synthesized reverie. Meanwhile, Hollywood’s John Agostino introduces us to the bizarre world of tax scam records, with the artist only now learning that his tender psych-folk demos were leaked via a 1977 bootleg.

Compiled and lovingly restored by armchair digger Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring/The Green Child), Someone Like Me pays due service to seventeen rarefied journals of truth and devotion. Adorned with visual artist Chris Fallon’s figure and flora dream extractions, the uniting songbook is further detailed by expansive track-by-track liner notes and a forward from San Franciscan poet Rod Roland.

A1    Sharkey–    Someone Like Me
A2    Lynne Ann Kingan–    If You Love Me - Hate Me
A3    James Thornbury–    So Tan
A4    Jim Huxley–    Only A Song
A5    Charlie Webster–    Snodland
B1    The Bob Hughes Band–    You Broke My Heart
B2    Goldrust–    Going Yesterday
B3    Jim Kennedy–    You Are The Reason
B4    Jon Betmead–    Marie Elene
C1    Charles Murphy–    The Foot That's Holding Me Down
C2    Remnant–    I Will Set You Free
C3    Fred Potts–    Following Rainbows
C4    The Superwomen–    Lowlands
D1    Robison Kaplan Ltd.–    Don't Say Goodbye
D2    Gary Ramey–    You Are His
D3    John Agostino–    Loss of Love
D4    Ritchie Tierney–    Please Stop Breaking Me Down