Abner Jay | The True Story Of Abner Jay

Abner Jay | The True Story Of Abner Jay


Mississippi Records
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The semi-legal/semi-bootleg label Mississippi Records released this collection from raconteur and one-man- band troubadour Abner Jay. Songs such as “Cocaine” and “Vietnam” are equal parts protest folk, country-blues ballads, and outsider treatises. Jay sings his hard-times tales with deep soul and the haunted lilt inherent to men of vision. The songs are all stomped out by Jay and Jay alone—on electric banjo, harmonica, and bass drum—and illuminate both the artist’s pure talent and his strikingly idiosyncratic aesthetic. THE TRUE STORY OF is about as fine a collection as one could hope for from this nearly forgotten American oddity.

1. I’m So Depressed
2. Cocaine
3. Vietnam
4. St. James Infirmary Blues
5. Cleo
6. Woke Up This Morning
7. My Mule
8. Ol’ Man River
9. Don’t Mess With My Baby
10. I Am Georgia Bound
11. The Reason Young People Use Drugs

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