All Night Radio | Spirit Stereo Frequency

All Night Radio | Spirit Stereo Frequency


Big Potato Records
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“The Perfect soundtrack to careening down the interstate at 4:00am.” Pitchfork 4/5

Big Potato’s very limited vinyl reissue of classic & completely unique psychedelic pop record from 2004. Duo Dave and Jimi of Beachwood Sparks in their home studio cultivated a sublime synthesis of song-writing perfection with a prog sentiment & way out sounds from the Natural and Supernatural worlds. With the help of a deranged assortment of modern and primitive equipment they tuned in to the Spirit Stereo Frequency…an Omnichronistic Music Source coming in non-stop, on bandwidth signals from the sun, in a collision of displaced sound styles from the present, past, and future.

Mind-blowing, emotional & deeply wondrous.

The cosmos now allows us to re-release this sacred ball of light in vinyl form. One of five greatest albums of all time on our very own label. It is the honour of our lives.

Daylight Till Dawn 4:02
We're On Our Wave 3:26
Fall Down 7 5:09
You'll Be On Your Own 3:04
Sky Bicycle (You've Been Ringing) 5:47
Oh, When? 4:16
Sad K. 3:43
Anchovya Suite 0:53
Winter Light 4:09
All Night Radio 7:43