Animal Collective | Feels (2021 reissue)

Animal Collective | Feels (2021 reissue)


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Feels is undoubtedly a very varied and beautifully flowing album. Running the gamut of emotions, it is by turns melancholic, hypnotic, caustic, woozy, overjoyed, introspective, and just plain achingly, heart-breakingly beautiful. 3 of the opening 4 tracks blast out an infectious sense of urgency and growing confidence driven by pounding drums and yelping and hollering vocals; Bees and Daffy Duck are slow-glowing ambient sprawls; Banshee Beat is as stunning as any track we’ve heard this year both physically and emotionally it’s deeply affecting - a heart-melting, slow-spreading tingle of a track that positively demands a foot-shuffling reaction; Loch Raven builds around a sparkling jewel of an Aphex-y electronic melody, glistening piano notes, padding drums and vocal interplay; whilst Turn Into Something neatly rounds off the album by spanning an arch from high energy exuberance to a slow, languorous immersion.

A dazzling ride from start to finish, Feels pushes Animal Collective’s challenging and changing agenda on to the next level, and confirms the band’s place as one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking modern bands.

Did You See The Words
Flesh Canoe
The Purple Bottle
Banshee Beat
Daffy Duck
Loch Raven
Turn Into Something