Avalanche Kaito | Talitakum

Avalanche Kaito | Talitakum


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“They are sensational – an enervating wall of noise given a focus by the incredible presence of singer, the Burkina Faso griot Kaito Winse – The best kind of buzz” — Louder Than War

Avalanche Kaito is the thrilling combination of urban griot Kaito Winse and a Brussels- based noise rock duo – guitarist Nico Gitto and drummer/ producer Benjamin Chaval.

The group made big waves with their uncompromising self – titled 2022 debut bagging cool festival appearances (Supersonic, End of the
Road, BRDCST), a KEXP session and lofty critical acclaim. Their new album Talitakum is much more sonically varied than their first, revealingan energy and spiritual weight that could only have developed through the group’s ineccesant touring.

Polyrhythmic futurism, hot- wired electronics, ancient parables and a communal ritual of joyous noise. The Wire calls them”Freaked, juddering electronic punk.” The Quietus put it more simply: “remarkable.”

01. Borgo
02. Shoya
03. Donle
04. Tanvusse
05. Viima
06. Talitakum
07. Ghostdrum
08. exp3
09. Lago
10. Machine (The Mill)