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Bailter Space | Wammo


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On orange vinyl.

Bailter Space’s ‘Wammo’ is back in print for the first time since the album’s release 25 years ago.

Formed in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1987 as Nelsh Bailter Space, the band’s musical family tree touches on some of the nation’s most revered weirdo luminaries – including Flying Nun mainstays like The Skeptics, The Clean and The Gordons.

Bailter Space embraced chaos but celebrated precision, finding melody amid networks of brooding noise and feedback. After relocating to New York City, the band – who by then included Alister Parker, John Halvorsen and Brent McLachlan arrived on Matador in in time for the US release of ‘Robot World’ (1993).

‘Wammo’ was the trio’s third and final full-length with the label (their fifth album overall). At the time, music scribes were a bit puzzled by the record’s “accessibility.” In retrospect though we can recognize ‘Wammo’ for the perfectly melancholy and drone-laced brain-zap that it is.

The LP is available to independent retailers pressed onto transparent orange vinyl and features newly remastered audio from the original session reels. The release rounds out Matador Revisionist History 2020, the label’s ongoing catalogue campaign that includes recent reissues from Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Guided by Voices and more.

1. Untied
2. Splat
3. At Five We Drive
4. Zapped
5. Colours
6. Retro
7. Glimmer
8. Voltage
9. D Thing
10. Wammo