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Worlds Within Worlds (Part I and II) is one of the most important improvised jazz-based recordings of all time. Released in 1974 it sold just a handful of copies, but has become a keystone in the development of experimental and ambient sounds - originals now fetch £1000+. A perfect release for RSD, this will be the second time this exceptional, unique and highly desirable record has been repressed. (First in 2017)

Built up using layers of treated and slowed field recordings with Derek Bailey and Evan Parker improvising, WWW offers listeners a mesmerizing sonic experience that remains years ahead of its time. This pressing features a new gatefold sleeve (Kirchin hated the original sleeve), with images of Kirchin, his original field recording tapes and notes by WWW fan Thurston Moore. There are just 1500 being pressed with 250 on gold vinyl, which will be mixed randomly in with the 1250 black versions. There will be no way of telling which colour is which as all LPs will be sealed. The LP will not be repressed.

A Part 1 - "Integration, (Non-Racial)....."
B Part 2 - "The Human Element"