Ben Auld | Lemongrass
Ben Auld | Lemongrass

Ben Auld | Lemongrass


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Ben Auld writes songs whose heartbreak and wonder reveal themselves moments after the warmth of their beauty sinks in, like slipping into the ocean on a bronzy morning. Whether he’s singing about bookstores and porches or ghosts and space stations, the Bristol, UK-based singer-songwriter imbues his straight-to-tape gems with a radiant AM pop warmth. And on Lemongrass, due TK via Earth Libraries, that comfy songwriting crackles and pops somewhere between Roger McGuinn and Gram Parsons. Auld’s debut record brims with homespun charm, dazzling melodies, and lyrics that burrow deep into the heart.

1. You're A Ghost 02:17
2. Try Again 01:58
3. Sycamore Way 02:35
4. Worry All The Time 03:07
5. O Athena! 02:50
6. D4A 02:27
7. Our Time Is Now 02:30
8. Lemongrass 01:41
9. International Space Station 02:18
10. Daisy 02:49