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Blanck Mass | Blanck Mass [LRS2020]


Sacred Bones
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Available from 9am on Saturday 20th June.

Green & blue starburst color vinyl.

First released in 2011 to critical acclaim, Blanck Mass is a collection of tracks loosely themed around cerebral hypoxia and the beautiful complexity of the natural world, featuring ten songs which were written, recorded and self-produced at Ben Power’s home in London. Unlike much of his recent work this album has an aquatic ambient quality and guides the listener on a deeply submersive interstellar journey. This long out-of-print album has been highly sought after for years and Sacred Bones are happy to once again make this beautiful music accessible on vinyl.

1. Sifted Gold 03:39
2. Sundowner 07:59
3. Chernobyl 04:24
4. Raw Deal 09:54
5. Sub Serious 06:47
6. Land Disasters 07:15
7. Icke's Struggle 03:12
8. Fuckers 02:16
9. What You Know 13:35
10. Weakling Flier 03:22