Burial | Untrue

Burial | Untrue


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Burial's classic Untrue album on double vinyl - black inner sleeves and 180g vinyl in a thick card sleeve.

It is updated from the previous, now deleted pressing - to add the beatless atmospheric tracks that have always been integral parts of the CD version.

A1 Untitled 1:25
A2 Archangel 4:00
A3 Near Dark 3:54
A4 Ghost Hardware 4:49
B1 Endorphin 3:01
B2 Etched Headplate 5:59
B3 In Mcdonalds 2:14
C1 Untrue 6:17
C2 Shell Of Light 4:39
C3 Dog Shelter 3:01
D1 Homeless 5:21
D2 UK 1:40
D3 Raver 4:57