Buzzcocks | Singles Going Steady

Buzzcocks | Singles Going Steady


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On purple vinyl.

Buzzcocks’ career defining compilation Singles Going Steady, lovingly restored and re-mastered from its original ¼ tapes for the first time since its original release.

Orgasm Addict 1:58
What Do I Get? 2:50
I Don't Mind 2:20
Love You More 1:45
Ever Fallen In Love? 2:40
Promises 2:35
Everybody's Happy Nowadays 3:10
Harmony In My Head 3:05
What Ever Happened To? 2:08
Oh Shit! 1:32
Autonomy 3:52
Noise Annoys 2:49
Just Lust 2:57
Lipstick 2:35
Why Can't I Touch It? 6:33
Something's Gone Wrong Again 4:30