Chai | No More Cake / Ready Cheeky Pretty

Chai | No More Cake / Ready Cheeky Pretty


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Release date: Friday 8th January 2021

Released digitally earlier in 2020, CHAI's triumphant single 'No More Cake' is released on a 7" with B-side 'Ready Cheeky Pretty.' Artwork by Chai member Yuki.

“The planet’s most fun band unleash their best single yet: all manic intensity and haunting chants underpinned by elephantine bass and taut funk.”
-The Guardian-

A message from Chai -

You know how I feel about make-up? I feel like make-up has the ability to allow you to be who you want to be. It’s that super awesome, sparkling kind of magic! Yes you can paint over with it, even recreate with it but… doesn’t that make it just like decorations? The same as a cake no? Because, I’m the original! There’s no reason to become someone else right? My color is only for me to decide! “what’s attractive to us?”, is something CHAI will MAKE ♡ and of course eat as much CAKE as possible! It’s this type of song!

B Ready Cheeky Pretty