Chuck Johnson | The Cinder Grove

Chuck Johnson | The Cinder Grove


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The follow-up to Johnsons lauded Balsams album, The Cinder Grove delves further into the compositional possibilities of the pedal steel guitar. This halcyon collection of tracks draws on a wider palette of sounds, adding strings and piano, to dive deeper into the sound bath of Johnsons meditative music. The Cinder Grove is a profound, affecting statement on the nature of loss and irreplaceability as well as a major addition to the canon of Johnsons increasingly seminal work.

(Johnson) creates a kind of country post-rock. It feels like a universe unto itself. -- Pitchfork

Hints of Reichian minimalism, spacey Tangerine Dream kosmische, Eno-esque ambience and hypnotic New Age. -- Uncut

The rise of ambient country...(Johnsons) a part of a new crop of artists who emphasize abstract expression over linear narrative and conventional structures...a legacy that joins the dots between country and post-rock, experimental music and world-class pedal steel. -- The Guardian

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