Connie Constance | Miss Power

Connie Constance | Miss Power


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On limited red vinyl.

Watford born indie-rock goddess Connie Constance announces her new album, ‘Miss Power’, a bold collection of songsimbued with high voltage drums, snarling guitar riffs, and anthemic feminist rage. On ‘Miss Power’, Connie takes us on a joyride through dramatic, passionate and empowering scenes with hooks aplenty and lyrics that excitedly unpick heartbreak, Connie’s strained relationship with her father and her struggles with mental health.

Connie’s titular and much-acclaimed first single from her new album, ‘Miss Power’ earned itself a spot on the BBC Radio 1 Clist as well as being named Hottest Record by Radio 1’s Clara

The album announcement comes alongside the release of a new single, ‘Till the World’s Awake’, a life-affirming indie dance track that twinkles with bright, layered guitars atop driving basslines and powerful drums. Connie Constance’s dynamic yet delicate vocals swell to a thrilling, cathartic chorus: ‘When we are young and when we get older / I want to feel like loving, feel like loving you’. Connie’s venture into the world as her authentic self is palpable.

01. In The Beginning
02. Till The World’s Awake
03. Miss Power
04. Never Get To Love
05. Mood Hoover
06. Heavyweight Champion
07. Hurt You
08. Kamikaze
09. Home
10. YUCK!
11. Blank Canvas
12. Red Flag