Daniel Avery | Wonderland / Running
Daniel Avery | Wonderland / Running

Daniel Avery | Wonderland / Running


Fabric Originals
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The second release by fabric Originals for fabric’s 25 year anniversary celebrations. Daniel Avery is a world-famous techno DJ and producer who travels the world playing his music live to sold out audiences. Daniel Avery is a family member of fabric for over 10 years and an award-winning producer.

“I will never stop saying this: fabric means the world to me. After being entrusted to regularly warm up Room 1 at the very twilight of my career, I was offered the chance by our dearly departed brother Shaun Roberts to mix the Fabriclive CD in 2012, long before a soul knew of my existence as an artist. It propelled me into the clubbing orbit as a DJ who was able to lean on leftfield sounds; the kind of opportunity that continues to make my head spin. After the release of my debut album ‘Drone Logic’, in 2014 the club asked me to curate my own night, specifying that it cover all corners of my musical sky. I called it Divided Love.

“Today I am gassed to watch as another circle completes itself, ten years on, as Divided Love returns to fabric and, alongside it, a 12” released on fabric Originals. The two-tracker, as with every club record I ever make in fact, has Room 1 coursing through its veins. I know that room like the back of my hand and this is how the room sounds in my skull.” - Daniel Avery

A. Wonderland
B. Running