Dead Moon | In The Graveyard

Dead Moon | In The Graveyard


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The first LP by the great Dead Moon, a damn near flawless rock and roll record, back in print ! Originally released in 1988. Dead Moon were a band that existed outside of the constraints that time and style usually impose on artists. An authentic mix of psychedelic rock, punk, blues, country, and every other American music worth a damn.

This LP features all time classics such as “Graveyard” ( A 13th Floor Elevators type vibrating psychedelic song), “Don’t Burn The Fires” and “I Hate The Blues.” Lo-fi as hell. Remastered from the original tapes. We are very proud to make this LP available on vinyl once more. MONO!

“We finally decided, ‘Fuck this shit. Let’s just play some old rock ‘n roll” – Fred Cole

1. Graveyard 
2. Out On A Wire
3. Can’t Help Falling In Love
4. Parchment Farm
5. Dead In The Saddle
7. Hey Joe
8. Don’t Burn The Fires
9. Where Did I Go Wrong
10. Remember Me
11. I Hate The Blues