Deathsomnia | Self Sabotage / Celebrity Lifestyle

Deathsomnia | Self Sabotage / Celebrity Lifestyle


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On bone with oxblood splatter vinyl.

Deathsomnia is a UK and Estonia based three-piece band bringing forth a unique sound emanating from dystopian industrial punk soundscapes enveloped in raw emotion, industrial climatic momentum and live band energy.

The creative synergy between the multi-instrumentalist members Kadri Sammel (Bedless Bones), Richard Powley (Telepathy) and Bruno Russo, and their individual punk, hardcore and electronica backgrounds, are the source for Deathsomnia’s music genre bending originality.

New York based producer and collaborator, Ben Greenberg (Uniform. Black Marble, Bad Breeding, VR Sex), describes Deathsomnia’s blending of subtle industrial elements into guitar driven songs as cyberpunk and a welcomed break from current popular darkwave aesthetic tropes.

“What I’ve noticed in the past year is that people are looking for something new, they just don’t know what it is yet. There’s a huge space now for us to push things creatively to find new spaces that have either been ignored or misunderstood or simply did not exist yet in people’s minds. I think that Deathsomnia is very much a part of that,” says Greenberg.

While their groovy riffs and crashing percussions draw influences from Wipers, Dead Moon, Health and Godflesh, Sammel’s beguiling vocal melodies are dressed with Depeche Mode and Primal Scream undertones.

“We have an imperative to create new sounds by blending sounds that would not normally be combined and messing with the fabric of people’s reality to make them question what they are hearing,” says Greenberg.

The powerful song “Self Sabotage”, featuring drums by Mike C. Sharp (Uniform), is a poignant and catchy anthem about finding beauty in the depths of negative emotion.

“I wanted the songs to turn out gorgeous in a really classic way but also heart-breaking. I think this is what we have got with Self Sabotage. It’s beautiful but also really sad and that’s pretty accurate when I look around at the world,” says Greenberg.

Deathsomnia’s highly anticipated EP will feature a Swans cover and artwork by Dwid Hellion (Integrity). Produced by Ben Greenberg and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Ghostmane, Code Orange).

FFO: Health. , Depeche Mode, Godflesh, Youth Code, A Place To Bury Strangers, Primal Scream

01. Self Sabotage
02. Celebrity Lifestyle (Swans Cover)

Pressing Information:
300x Bone w/ Oxblood Splatter