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CAD 3004 LPE

On orange vinyl.

Recording his debut album during the hiatus and breakup of the Pixies in late-1992, front-man Black Francis inverted his stage persona for his solo work. Co-produced with Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart / Pere Ubu), Frank let his inner rock historian loose on Frank Black, channelling greats like Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, The Beach Boys and David Bowie in a thrilling way that felt like a natural next step on from Trompe Le Monde (the last Pixies album before they reconvened two decades later).

Los Angeles 4:07
I Heard Ramona Sing 3:40
Hang On To Your Ego 3:24
Fu Manchu 3:02
Places Named After Numbers 2:52
Czar 2:42
Old Black Dawning 2:05
Ten Percenter 3:28
Brackish Boy 1:35
Two Spaces 2:25
Tossed (Instrumental Version) 4:09
Parry The Wind High, Low 4:32
Adda Lee 2:00
Every Time I Go Around Here 3:31
Don't Ya Rile 'Em 2:52