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Fugazi | In On The Kill Taker


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2016 reissue.

This is Fugazi's third full-length record, released in 1993.

Recorded at Inner Ear Studios 12.92.

Produced by Ted Nicely and Fugazi.

Engineered by Don Zientara.

A1 Facet Squared 2:42
A2 Public Witness Program 2:04
A3 Returning The Screw 3:13
A4 Smallpox Champion 4:01
A5 Rend It 3:48
A6 23 Beats Off 6:41
B1 Sweet And Low 3:36
B2 Cassavetes 2:30
B3 Great Cop 1:52
B4 Walken's Syndrome 3:18
B5 Instrument 3:43
B6 Last Chance For A Slow Dance 4:38