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“It’s just about finding this feeling that makes you want to jump out and fuck it all and go seek a thrill” – Georgia

Georgia is seeking a thrill. Her new album, Seeking Thrills, is a musically daring story of hedonism, self-discovery, and above all, the transcendental power of the dancefloor.

The North West Londoner has been on a long, dazzling journey since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album in 2015. Her first self-titled collection of percussive, punk-inflected pop songs was lauded by The Guardian, Vice, The FADER and others – but nobody predicted the about turn she would make when she returned with two rough-hewn diamonds of house music in 2019.

‘Started Out’, the first single Georgia released from Seeking Thrills, is an upbeat pop twist on Mr Fingers’ ‘Can You Feel It’, and as Georgia sings you can almost hear the smile: “We are wicked young fools who behave/Back in the arms of somebody who saved us”. Its release was shortly followed by ‘About Work The Dancefloor’, a synth-charged, Robyn-adjacent pop song with a delicious hook. Both were runaway hits: they hit Radio 1’s A playlist, and propelled Georgia to headline shows across the globe, including dates in Europe, Latin America, the US, Australia, plus a goosebump-inducing one-woman-band set on Glastonbury’s Park Stage. (“It was one of those Glastonbury moments,” Georgia remembers, “like another level.”) ‘About Work The Dancefloor’ has only continued to snowball, now boasting remixes from The Black Madonna, Krystal Klear, and Gabe Gurnsey.

Though Georgia had already completed most of Seeking Thrills before those songs catapulted her to a new audience, she quickly found herself on a surreal new trajectory as an unlikely, DIY pop star. As she puts it, “I didn’t know anyone would connect, with ‘Started Out’ especially – that song I always thought was a very weird kind of dance song. It was a complete and utter shock.” So, she decided to take some time revisiting the production of her album, making sure it was nothing short of dancefloor perfection. In the meantime, “being able to go around the world and see people singing back the lyrics of those two songs has been a real life-changing experience.”

A1 Started Out 03:41
A2 About Work The Dancefloor 03:28
A3 Never Let You Go 03:47
A4 Mellow 03:39
A5 Til I Own It 03:49
A6 I Can't Wait 03:08
B1 Feel It 03:52
B2 Ultimate Sailor 03:36
B3 Ray Guns 03:26
B4 The Thrill 04:27
B5 Honey Dripping Sky 04:53