Grandaddy | RIP Coyote Condo #5 b/w The Fox in the Snow and In My Room

Grandaddy | RIP Coyote Condo #5 b/w The Fox in the Snow and In My Room


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Release date: Friday 11th December 2020

Formed in 1992, the Californian indie-rock band have released a number of albums – from their 1997 debut Under the Western Freeway to The Sophtware Slump three years later, to 2003’s Sumday. While NPR called their signature sound ‘neo-psychedelic space-pop’, NME christened it “atmospheric electronics meet warped Americana”. After breaking up in January 2006, they reunited six years later for some celebratory shows and eventually released a new record in 2017. Tragically, this was also the year that marked the death of bassist Kevin Garcia. Released in December 2019, melancholy track "RIP Coyote Condo #5" was the first since Garcia’s passing and clocks in at nearly eight minutes long. 

To mark the 20th anniversary of their legendary album ‘The Sophtware Slump’, Grandaddy release a fully re-mastered version. This reissue package includes two of the band’s EPs, ‘Signal To Snow Ratio’ and ‘Through A Frosty Plate Glass’, never before released on vinyl. Rounding out the reissue is a piano rendition of the 2000 album, entitled ‘The Sophtware Slump… on a wooden piano’. This Record Store Day release features a rare Grandaddy track, "RIP Coyote Condo #5", not previously available on vinyl – as well as Jason Lytle’s solo piano performances of "The Fox In The Snow" (Belle and Sebastian) and "In My Room" (Beach Boys). 

1. The Fox in the Snow
2. RIP Coyote Condo #5
3. In My Room