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Grouper | A I A : Alien Observer


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Unavailable on vinyl since 2012.

“This sound / synapse transposition is as haunting as it is beautiful—surely Grouper’s best.”—Tiny Mix Tapes

“If past Grouper releases have inhabited abyssal trenches and damp backwoods, here Harris takes us journeying across constellations and stars. Two of the most beguiling albums of the year, exquisitely realized and singularly evocative.” —The Quietus

“This music feels both spacey and expansive and also oddly intimate and grounded, the work of someone who has mastered her tools and knows how to get the most out of them.”—Pitchfork

“Harris nds a way to dive deeper in simple and unassuming ways.”—NPR

A1 Moon Is Sharp 6:49
A2 Alien Observer 3:57
A3 Vapor Trails 9:05
B1 She Loves Me That Way 8:34
B2 Mary, On The Wall (For Bette Jackson) 6:08
B3 Come Softly (For Daniel Dalzell) 4:34