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Holden | The Idiots Are Winning


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Long-awaited repress of Holden’s essential 2006 debut ‘The Idiots Are Winning’ on double crystal-clear splatter vinyl (1000 copies only): a master class in delightfully wonky and restlessly glitchy minimal techno that has influenced many, though seldom been equalled.

Includes barnstorming stomper ‘Idiot’, trippy headwrecker ‘Lump’, loose-limbed workout ‘Corduroy’ and the twitchy insistent ‘10101’: dancefloor staples to this day, whose reappearance on vinyl is most welcome.

A unashamedly dancefloor-focused EP bursting with DJ tools which somehow also stands up as an idiosyncratic and effortlessly accomplished debut album offering, ‘The Idiots Are Winning’ is a celebration of one-time king of computer music James Holden at the height of his club-destroying powers.

A1 Lump 6:10
A2 Quiet Drumming 2:04
B1 10101 6:05
B2 Idiot Clapsolo 4:57
C1 Corduroy 6:21
C2 Lumpette 1:35
D1 Idiot 7:31
D2 Flute 4:52