Holy Sons | Raw and Disfigured

Holy Sons | Raw and Disfigured


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Release date: Friday 30th October 2020

On double translucent orange vinyl.

The music of Emil Amos is at once intimate and expansive. Under the name Holy Sons, as well as with bands Om, Grails and Lilacs and Champagne, Amos harnesses boundless sonic textures to embellish delicately crafted songs, he plays the bulk of the instruments and sings the majority of the vocals throughout the album and is joined on a few pieces by drummer Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth).

His music balances cues from classic and indie rock traditions with tenderness and sense of foreboding through unparalleled artistry. Holy Sons’ ‘Raw and Disfigured’ showcases Amos’ mastery of songcraft through a seemingly impossible combination of subtle yet potent gestures, bold arrangements and resolute vulnerability.

Recorded at Sonic Youth’s studio Echo Canyon West, ‘Raw and Disfigured’ stands as Amos’ most ambitious and comprehensive album yet, a panoramic gallery of songs as beautiful as they are crushing.

1. The Loser that Always
2. Wins
3. Lady of the Hour
4. Cast Bound King
5. Hand that Feeds
6. Permanent Things
7. Four Walls
8. Held the Hand
9. Lost in the Fire
10. Transformation
11. Slow to Run
12. Reach Out and Touch
13. Something
14. Cóiste Bodhar
15. Nights Like This
16. Up on that Hill
17. Backslider’s Wine
18. Bloody Strings