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Faitiche presents Jan Jelinek's album Tierbeoachtungen in a limited pressing on vinyl for the first time. Originally released on Scape in 2006 as a CD and download, the album's six tracks took their cues from Jelinek's live concerts of that period: dense, slowly unfolding loop improvisations made with a laptop, various effect pedals and miniature synthesizers. It is music that floats in a semi-conscious state between dream and awakening, always slightly mysterious, leaving traces that lead directly to the psychedelic-cosmic music of the kraut era.

Tierbeobachtungen might be Jelinek's freest and most personal work, with simply arranged tracks based on four to five layered and modulated loops, while his own studio equipment provides the main sampling sources, from synthesizer and guitaret to vibraphonette. Jelinek takes on the role of observer on this record, with a level of reflection remaining audible throughout. However, this is by no means intellectual, distanced music - Jelinek leads us straight into a thicket, an acoustic jungle where sumptuous splendour meets the uncanny. A long tradition of psychedelic music pervades the recordings - Amon Duul, Cluster, My Bloody Valentine - yet whatever musical memories might vie for our attention, these are no clear-cut references, just loose associations. On occasion, one might even be tempted to take them for field recordings - gems discovered, stored and returned from their travels by ethnologists fifty or a hundred years ago. Similar to the pioneers of industrial music, like Cabaret Voltaire or Zoviet France, who experimented with field recordings to challenge Western listening habits, Tierbeobachtungen takes us to new, unknown territories and brims with sounds that defy geographic or stylistic classification, not unlike the semi-conscious state between dream and awakening.

A1 A Concert For Television 8:04
A2 Palmen Aus Leder 7:12
A3 Tierbeobachtung (LP Version) 4:00
B1 The Ballad Of Soap. Und: Die GEMA Nimmt Kontakt Auf 7:44
B2 Up To My Same Old Trick Again 6:39
B3 Happening Tone 7:12