Jane Weaver | The Amber Light

Jane Weaver | The Amber Light


Finders Keepers
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2022 reissue.

Originally issued as a limited CD only bonus disc for ‘The Silver Globe’ album global re-release and a subsequent vinyl pressing, The Amber Light surprised fans expecting B-sides and outtakes with what, for many, stood up as its own isolated project, including some of Jane’s best material to date, including the pulsating synth anthem ‘I Need A Connection’, which since became a radio favourite also appearing on film and fashion shows throughout the latter half of 2015.

The Amber Light’ also included further collaborations with Finders Keepers’ Andy Votel, as well as long awaited collaborations with Atari / Star Wars synthesist Suzanne Ciani, Tom Furse (keyboardist from The Horrors) and Sean Canty from Demdike Stare.

Recorded over the course of two long weekends between tours with her custom-built band operating at an energetic optimum, ‘The Amber Light’ captures Jane exuding the passion, experimentalism and justified confidence which is instantly reflected with some of her best song writing to date.

Currently gearing up for a US tour and within the final throes of recording a brand-new LP for Fire Records, it is a very exciting time for this unique multi-tasking independent female composer whoseloyal long-running fanbase multiplies with every closely recorded breath. Trepidation is not required here, ‘The Amber Light’ means you can go.

n a twelve month diary with gig and festival requests. Meanwhile, Jane’s own Bird Imprint (via Finders Keepers) had to worked around the clock to keep up with stock demands of her new (and old) music. Album collaborators such as David Holmes, Andy Votel and BC Camplight shared gushing pride in the project and with this unanimous critical support (and long earned respect)Jane reacted in the only way she knows best – to keep creating.

“Stylish and highly original” – The Times
“Wonderful” – The Sunday Times
“Career high from underground hero” – Q
“Superb” – Uncut
“Amongst today’s most striking sonic auteurs” – Mojo

01. La Pomme D’Argent
02. I Need A Connection
03. You Are Dissolved
04. Cascade In Dark
05. Argent (Tom Furse Extrapolation)
06. The Amber Light (Edit)
07. Parade Of Blood Red Sorrows