JIM | Love Makes Magic: The Remixes

JIM | Love Makes Magic: The Remixes


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Love Makes Magic, the debut LP by JIM - aka Jim Baron of Crazy P & Ron Basejam notoriety - was released in June 2023 and the album has connected with an ever growing number of fans; lured in by great songs, Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter acoustics, 60’s psychedelic folk-rock, a dash of Balearic, discoid funk and a healthy dose of yacht-rock.

The album was voted Album of the Year in the Bill Brewster Furtive 50 chart for 2023 - like a Balearic BAFTAs - and Still River Flow (Generalisation Dub) came 2nd in the tracks of the year... which was nice.
Disco Pogo, Piccadilly Records and Mr Bongo all gave the LP honourable mention in their end of year charts too.

As you’d expect with an artist who has 25 years of dance music connections the accompanying remixes weren’t bad either... Crooked Man, Ruf Dug, Flying Mojito Brothers and Generalisation all came up with fine reinterpretations. Luke Unabomber hailed The Crooked Goth version of Phoenix as his track of the year. The vinyl run of the Crooked Mixes sold out in record time.

As the remixes racked up we considered collecting them together for a remix LP. And so here we are... presenting Love Makes Magic - The Remixes.

The five aforementioned mixes will be joined by five brand new ones from X-Press 2, Mang Dynasty, Chris Coco, Begin ( James Holroyd) and Brown Fang. Spanning pumping club bangers, perfect sunsets soundtracks and left-field electronica.

We love them.

We hope you do too..

A1 Still River Flow (Generalisation Dub)
A2 Oxygen (Ruf Dug Remix)
A3 Where The Leaves Are Falling (Brown Fang Remix)
B1 Phoenix (Crooked Goth)
B2 Across The Street (Generalisation Dub)
C1 Ballad of San Marino (Mang Dynasty Remix)
C2 Oxygen (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito)
C3 Still River Flow (Begin Remix)
D1 Phoenix (X-Press 2 On Fire Remix)
D2 The Ballad Of San Marino (Chris Coco Extended Dub Version)