Kohti Tuhoa | Kohti Tuhoa

Kohti Tuhoa | Kohti Tuhoa

12" EP

La Vida Es Un Mus
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KOHTI TUHOA’s self titled debut EP is finally available on vinyl again! The earlier 7” pressings sold out long ago and are getting harder to find, so it's time for this record to get the well-deserved LVEUM treatment.

Unsatisfied with the original release, the band decided to remaster the record from the original analog tapes and rework the layout for best possible results. The LVEUM pressing will be cut on a 45rpm 12" and includes the complete 7-track session with the bonus track “Velkaa maksat kuitenkin”, which was left out of the original pressing since the session was too long for a 7”.

This is KOHTI TUHOA in their early days: raw, noisy, fast and slightly more metallic, like a mix of Behind the Realms of Madness -era SACRILEGE, FRAMTID and classic Finnish hardcore.

1. Kujanjuoksu 02:11
2. Ohjelmoitu Voittaja 01:44
3. Antakaa Mun Olla 02:19
4. Koe Tuskaa 02:10
5. Maan Tapa 02:10
6. Liha Palaa 02:03
7. Velkaa Maksat Kuitenkin 01:25