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Laura Stevenson | The Big Freeze


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Recorded in her childhood home during the dead of winter, The Big Freeze presents a pivotal step for Stevenson. For the first time on record, Stevenson's voice and guitar are in clear focus. It is a natural aesthetic choice for the musician, who has often toured as a solo act and who pulls influence from the great American songbook, and a choice that plays to the core strength and organic beauty of her writing. And though it is easily the darkest and most emotionally-devastating album of Stevenson's career, it is also without a doubt her most powerful.

Lay Back, Arms Out 3:43
Value Inn 2:45
Living Room, NY 3:23
Dermatillomania 2:30
Hum 3:32
Rattle At Will 3:42
Hawks 1:29
Big Deep 3:33
Low Slow 5:08
Perfect 4:17