Lower Dens | The Competition

Lower Dens | The Competition


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Four years since their critically acclaimed album, ‘Escape From Evil’, Lower Dens announce their newest creation – ‘The Competition’ – released on Domino’s Ribbon Music imprint.

‘The Competition’ is a pop album with a concept both emotionally and politically urgent. By design, competition is the driving force of modern capitalism and the title is lead singer and songwriter Jana Hunter’s (pronouns: they/them, him/his) term for a socio-psychological phenomenon this generates, a kind of psychosis that accelerates our insecurities and anxieties to the point of total overload, corroding our intimacies, our communities and our senses of self.

1. Galapagos
2. Hand Of God
3. Two Faced Love
4. Young Republicans
5. Real Thing
6. Buster Keaton
7. I Drive
8. Simple Life
9. Empire Sundown
10. Lucky People
11. In Your House