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On Delta, a dozen artists across four continents freely interpret Fountain across a double LP, again featuring Donna Huanca’s surreal artwork, and the unearthly graphic manipulations of Nufolklore Studios. Remaining faithful to Fountain’s presentation, Lyra’s curation reflects her commitment to stylistic diversity, with the old guard and the next wave alongside each other. Where some artists chose to rework existing works, others composed new material from fragments found across the record. The results showcase the very themes of wordless identity conflict and technological concerns that Lyra and her foremothers have projected.

Valgeir Sigurdsson marries elements of Lyra’s entire catalogue into work that combines the limitless highs of Sigur Ros and the steady pulse of The Knife. KMRU cloaks Lyra in a hazy film, soundtracking the depths of space embedded within the ghosts of jungle past. Gabber Modus Operandi expose the realities of artificial nature in a multicoloured rave dystopia. Eris Drew’s double opus takes the tenets of her philosophies into both ambient and peaktime expressions of the trip, the things that lead to the decision before, and the portals that can open up after.

Ben Frost dissolves Cradle’s deep and tremulous hymn in analogue warble, distressed tape spooling out of control and breaking up over the heavens, while remaining oddly serene. Heaven In Stereo conjures up post-rock with trap drums out of Gossip, buried in bass weight and dub space. Nailah Hunter and Tygapaw transform New Moon into an earthbound ode to nature and a pounding trance state induction, while Caterina Barbieri and Hudson Mohawke extract and amplify Tendril’s mind and soul. Vessel takes what feels like the entire album and builds it up to a frantic climax before subsuming into Enoesque pastoralia.

01. Offering – Valgeir Sigurdsson
02. Witness (Selfless Rework) – Colin Self
03. Constructs of Still – KMRU
04. Tendril (Midnight Peach Rework) – Hudson Mohawke
05. Returnless – Kara-Lis Coverdale
06. Tendril (Germinative Rework) – Caterina Barbieri
07. Fountain (ars amatoria) – Vessel
08. Sugarcube Revelations – Eris Drew
09. Everything is Beautiful & Alive – Eris Drew
10. Cradle (Patience Rework) – Ben Frost
11. Kaca Bulan Baru – Gabber Modus Operandi
12. Gossip (Catalyst Rework) – Heaven in Stereo
13. New Moon (Distant Shores Rework) – Nailah Hunter
14. New Moon (In Pisces Rework) – Tygapaw