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Release date: Friday 15th January 2021

‘Push’ is Maral’s debut full-length album due on Leaving Records. The album’s sonic palette includes a collage of Iranian classical and folk
samples and explores the genres of experimental electronic production, touching upon noise, punk / post-punk and dub.

Maral is an active and acclaimed musician in the electronic underground. Her debut mixtape was widely praised and she has contributed to several compilations and Richard Russell’s Crass remix project.

‘Push’ features dub legend Lee “Scratch” Perry and Penny Rimbaud of Crass.

‘Push’ is a confident step forward from Maral’s club and mixtape work into a powerful collection of original songs. The album bursts with an urgent psychedelic energy but its songs also grapple with a sombre undercurrent.

Maral says her album is intended to reflect tense US-Iranian relations: “The history of Iranian music has a lot of melancholy in it. So much of Iranian history is sad. Since ancient times, Iranians were always fighting off invasions.”

1. Kerman Wobble
2. Protect U ft Lee “Scratch” Perry
3. Push
4. Dashti
5. Bushehr
6. Sweet Thing
7. No Type
8. Aziz-e-Man
9. Jadoo
10. Sweet vs. Heavy
11. Let The Distortion Sing
12. Vortex In Love
13. Lita’s Song
14. They Not They ft Penny Rimbaud
15. Salam