Nico | The Marble Index

Nico | The Marble Index


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Remastered from original tapes. Nico's haunting vocals predicted the Gothic movement and co-producer and Velvet Underground's band mate John Cale's startingly modern classical production ensured The Marble Index's timeless appeal.

The iconic music journalist Lester Bangs wrote, “The Marble Index is the greatest piece of 'avant-garde classical', 'serious' music of the last half of the 20th century so far,” and the New Yorker recently hailed both records as “austere miracles of will and invention.”

Prelude 0:50
Lawns Of Dawns 3:12
No One Is There 3:36
Ari's Song 3:20
Facing The Wind 4:52
Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie) 4:57
Frozen Warnings 4:00
Evening Of Light 5:33