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Ol' Dirty Bastard ‎| Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version


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Its safe to say that hip-hop has never seen an album like Ol Dirty Bastards 1995 solo debut Return to the 36 Chambers. The brief glimpses of ODBs unhinged genius provided by Wu-Tang Clans landmark Enter the Wu-Tang album two years earlier were begging to be expanded on to a larger canvas, and, with RZA guiding production, the album promised to give Dirty the creative license to make one of the most bizarre, entertaining and original LPs in hip-hop history. With his raspy, drunken flow and dark sense of humor, Dirty fearlessly attacks from all angles, throwing himself fearlessly into punchy rhyme attacks (Damage, with GZA), drugged-out party jams (the monster singles Brooklyn Zoo and Shimmy Shimmy Ya) and bizarre, grimly hilarious fantasies of sex and violence (Dont U Know and the R&B-tinged Sweet Sugar Pie).

Backed by RZAs appropriately gritty, dissonant beats and appearances from the Clan, Return became an instant hit, selling over 1 million copies and earning a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Album in 1996. The album stands as a high water mark in the Wu-Tang Clans collective creative output and was selected as one of the Best 100 Rap Albums by The Source magazine in 1998.

In honoring the legacy of one of hip-hops most innovative releases, Get On Down is proud to present this incredible and unique special edition of Ol Dirty Bastards Return to the 36 Chambers as a double LP which contains the complete original album, remastered for optimal sound quality.

A1 Intro 4:47
A2 Shimmy Shimmy Ya 2:41
A3 Baby C'mon 3:32
A4 Brooklyn Zoo 3:49
B1 Hippa To Da Hoppa 3:14
B2 Raw Hide 4:04
B3 Damage 3:00
B4 Don't U Know 4:41
C1 The Stomp 2:29
C2 Goin' Down 4:23
C3 Drunk Game (Sweet Sugar Pie) 4:16
C4 Snakes 5:26
D1 Brooklyn Zoo II (Tiger Crane) 7:20
D2 Proteck Ya Neck II The Zoo 4:00
D3 Cuttin' Headz 2:32