Pavement | Cooked Rain, Crooked Rain

Pavement | Cooked Rain, Crooked Rain


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Release date: Friday 8th January 2020

“Pavement is in transition here - ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’ is a California album recorded on 32nd Street and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan... It’s the sound of a great band gaining ambition, confidence, ability.” - Joe Levy, Village Voice

“An album electric with carefree swagger and ageless amplification” - Billboard

“A masterpiece, a record that continues to glimmer with unique brilliance two decades after its release” - Stereogum

1. Silence Kid
2. Elevate Me Later
3. Stop Breathin
4. Cut Your Hair
5. Newark Wilder
6. Unfair
7. Gold Soundz
8. 5 4 Unity
9. Range Life
10. Heaven Is a Truck
11. Hit the Plane Down
12. Fillmore Jive