Peel Dream Magazine ‎| Agitprop Alterna
Peel Dream Magazine ‎| Agitprop Alterna

Peel Dream Magazine ‎| Agitprop Alterna


Tough Love
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On transparent vinyl.

Peel Dream Magazine is the musical vehicle for NYC's Joe Stevens, who launched the band in 2018 with the critically acclaimed album "Modern Meta Physic," a mysterious, liminal tribute to the hazy end of ‘90s dream-pop that found its place on numerous "Best of 2018" lists. Now Peel Dream are back with "Agitprop Alterna," an album that pays homage to sonic and spiritual influences ranging from early Stereolab and Broadcast through stateside groups like Lilys and Yo La Tengo.. "Agitprop Alterna" finds Stevens channeling the collaborative spirit of the band's live incarnation in the studio, deepening the connection between the existential and the interpretive first explored on "Modern Meta Physic." It is a rejection of manipulation in all its forms and a buzzsaw against complacency; it's a rare trick to agitate without being obvious, and perhaps that makes "Agitprop Alterna" the most Peel Dream Magazine-like statement yet.

A1 Pill
A2 Emotional Devotion Creator
A3 It's My Body
A4 Escalator Ism
A5 Brief Inner Mission
A6 NYC Illuminati
A7 Wood Paneling pt. 2
B1 Too Dumb
B2 The Bertolt Brecht Society
B3 Permanent Moral Crisis
B4 Do It
B5 Eyeballs
B6 Up An Up