People Under the Stairs | OST

People Under the Stairs | OST


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Release date: Friday 22nd January 2021

Their unique self-produced legacy earned them the designation “The Steely Dan of Hip-Hop” and built a fan base of millions around the globe.

Now, for the first time ever, they are re-issuing their long out of print, 2002 classic O.S.T. with a revamped gatefold gloss cover, updated liner notes and printed sleeves featuring 100+ print reviews from the original release date.

Almost two decades in the making and with the original vinyl constantly fetching over $125 online this highly anticipated reissue is sure to please both new and old fans alike.

Intro 4:14
Jappy Jap 3:46
The Suite For Beaver Part 1 4:26
The Suite For Beaver Part 2 4:06
O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack) 5:12
Empty Bottles Of Water 3:29
Jim Sr. 0:46
The Outrage 4:31
The Hang Loose 4:02
The Double K Show 3:24
Tales Of Kidd Drunkadelic 3:02
Keepin It Live 4:36
The Dig 3:43
The Heat 0:58
Montego Slay 4:12
The L.A. Song 4:26
8 Is Enuff 3:09
Acid Raindrops 4:55
The Joyride 4:06
The Breakdown 5:00