Private Agenda | Ile De Reve

Private Agenda | Ile De Reve


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Île de Rêve is the first full length album release for Private Agenda, after EP releases on International Feel, Needwant, Nu Northern Soul and Nightshift. Focusing more on the deeper and mostly instrumental side of things, the album is a deep meditation, an Immaculate conception that takes inspiration from island spaces and the stories that emerge from them.

An expansive collection of blissfully surreal, downtempo tracks. The opening tracks Bounty and Sea Life echo the motion of waves splashing onto the shore of an idyllic atoll. Ultramarine meanwhile invites us to dive beneath the waves – a sort of musical immersion therapy. Monsoon is a lonesome lament, the sound of rain trickling down the window as you peer longingly into the distance in cool, darkened room. Solitude continues the theme with its warm, sparse piano chords separated by the cold, ambient space which seeps in-between. Malanai finds solace in the intricate beauty of stargazing as pathfinding before P.S.R. (Point of Safe Return) completes the journey. An escapist cruise at high altitude, it’s a heady end to a deeply transcendent trip into the cosmos.

A1 Bounty
A2 Sea Life
A3 Wave Motion
A4 Ultramarine
A5 Monsoon
B1 Solitude
B2 Malanai
B3 Dependency
B4 P.S.R.