Prolapse | Backsaturday
Prolapse | Backsaturday

Prolapse | Backsaturday


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On blue vinyl

Limited Edition 180 Gram Duck Egg Remastered Vinyl Reissue of the 2nd Prolapse LP from 1995, which saw them experimenting with both repetitive grooves and ambient soundscapes, krautrock and kitchen sink drama. They feature duelling vocalists Mick Derrick and Linda Steelyard, who play out an intense soap opera over a ferocious triple guitar assault and pummelling rhythm section. The Classic 15 minute track Flex, has been remixed by current bass player and former Julian Cope associate, Donald Ross Skinner for this release.

A1 Flex 15:01
B1 Mein Minefield, Mine Landmine 2:18
B2 Framen Fr. Cesar 7:52
B3 Every Night I'm Mentally Crucified (7000 Times) 2:17
B4 Zen Nun Deb 5:52
B5 Drown Radio Therapy 1:37
B6 Strain Contortion Of Bag 2:23