Richard Thompson | Music From Grizzly Man

Richard Thompson | Music From Grizzly Man


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The remastered, repackaged set Music From Grizzly Man contains all of the out of print material Thompson recorded for the acclaimed documentary.

Richard Thompson’s score for “Grizzly Man” Werner Herzog’s 2005 documentary film of real life and death in the Alaskan wilderness is one of the best-kept secrets in the British guitarist’s epic canon: an instrumental masterpiece disguised as a movie soundtrack. Recorded over two days as Thompson played live in the studio to Herzog’s footage – mostly alone, at times in chamber settings with cello, piano and percussion – these tenderly detailed melodies and quietly visceral improvisations are cinema in their own right, rendered with pictorial instinct and the dazzling technique forged in Thompson’s lifelong passage through traditional folk, psychedelia, North African modes and intensely personal songwriting.

Here is Thompson at his natural best – finger-picking dance; snake-curl twang and singing-wire harmonics – in a solo clarity that runs from jig-like joy to deep-note meditation, the “Main Title” blues march with its echoes of Fairport Convention’s “Sloth” to the long night of “Treadwell No More,” a harrowing darkness in slicing treble and tremolo shiver. Produced by guitarist Henry Kaiser, Grizzly Man is a record of powerful solitude as bold and majestic as the land in Herzog’s film; as intimate as prayer and essential Richard Thompson.

A1 Tim & The Bears
A2 Grizzly Man
A3 Foxes
A4 Ghosts In The Maze
A5 Glencoe
A6 Parents
A7 Twilight Cowboy
A8 Streamwalk
B1 Treadwell No More
B2 The Kibosh
B3 Small Racket
B4 Teddy Bear
B5 Bear Swim
B6 Grizzly Man (Revisited)