Robocobra Quartet	| Wellness

Robocobra Quartet | Wellness


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Improvisation and experimentation are at the core of Robocobra Quartet’s DNA, almost intentionally at odds with their roots as a post punk band. Including members with no musical training alongside European music conservatoire innovators, the result is a groove-driven but cerebral blast, invoking the likes of Fugazi, Talking Heads and contemporaries such as Squid and Black Country, New Road.

The eclectic free nature of their live shows allows them to channel hop from moments of joy and playfulness to periods of intense fury, creating a unique sound that has earned them invitations to Montreux Jazz Festival and Latitude.

Robocobra Quartet have a rule: No Guitars Allowed. Their unique sound, concocted and self-produced in Belfast, Northern Ireland, sees that ‘middle’ space filled by other instruments such as saxophones, samplers, keyboards and sound effects, swirling around the melodic basslines and powerful drum rhythms which prop up the core of each of their songs. On top of this music sits a single vocal from behind the drum kit amid a fury of rhythm, sometimes marrying perfectly with the pulse of the drums and occasionally at complete odds with it.

1. Wellness
2. I Love You