Romare | Gone / Danger
Romare | Gone / Danger

Romare | Gone / Danger


Ninja Tune
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In the two years since the release of his critically acclaimed album ‘Love Songs: Part Two’, Romare - real name Archie Fairhurst - has spent his time almost solely on the road playing over 150 shows across the world. Now, Romare returns to Ninja Tune with brand new 12” single ‘Gone’ / ‘Danger’.

Recorded over the same period - in which he also acquired an electric organ and built a new recording studio - ‘Gone’ and ‘Danger’ represent his most intentional and direct nod to the dancefloor to date. The titular A-side, with its menacing bassline and soaring piano stabs, was named after a vocal snippet since removed from the track. “I kept the title because I think there is a sense of journey and
‘moving on’ in the song,” explains Fairhurst. The B-side ‘Danger’ was imagined as an alternative to ‘Gone’, with both tracks being recorded “whilst watching the seasons change from winter to summer in the new studio set up in the garden.”

For fans of Leon Vynehall, Floating Points, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Rhythm Section, Moodymann.

140g black vinyl housed in a 12” paper polybag with sticker.