Roy Davis Jr & Peven Everett ‎| Gabriel

Roy Davis Jr & Peven Everett ‎| Gabriel


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2020 repress on white vinyl.

A defining moment in dance music history was the day that Roy Davis Jr. teamed with vocalist and writer Peven Everett in 1997 to create this deep, ethereal, soul-music gem that helped launch an entire musical movement known affectionately as Speed Garage. The "Live Garage" mix is the most popular but the other mixes have grown in popularity over time. It is hard to believe that this record is almost 20 years old yet it still sounds as fresh today as it did so long ago. Truly a classic that deserves to be celebrated by a new generation of dance music lovers. Gabriel Play!

1. Gabriel - The Scroll Mix
2. Gabriel - Tamborine dub
3. Gabriel - Words To Give By mix
4. Gabriel - Live Garage Mix